Medicine Personal Statement 6

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

My deep interest in medicine is, I believe, a reflection of my particular personality. As a child I was always interested in scientific matters, and enjoyed studying informative books, exploring diagrams and finding out about the workings of the body. My grandfather was a first-aid lecturer and explained to me the use of the stethoscope and the sphygnamometer. I was fascinated with this, and decided in my teens that I should like to become a doctor, even though I knew that the process is a long and arduous one. I love the science of medicine, and during my medical microbiology degree course I was particularly interested in infection control, particularly in hospital-borne infections, and wrote my dissertation on the enterococci infection and the therapies that are applied to it. I realise too that the doctor is not just a scientist, and that an ability to communicate with one’s patients is of the first importance. I believe that I have the academic ability as well as the sort of personal qualities that are needed in the good doctor, and I feel that working in an efficient NHS team would be the most satisfying of careers.
My experience of the medical world has encouraged and confirmed my choice. In recent years I have often attended medical appointments with my parents, including visits to A&E with abdominal pain which turned out to be a kidney infection in one case and diverticular disease in the other. I witnessed an ultrasound scan on my mother, and was much impressed by the radiographer’s professionalism and reassuring manner. I have observed minor surgery twice and attended the physiotherapy clinic with my father, who has had two knee replacements. As well as these immediate experiences I have undertaken a phlebotomy course, which was attended by NHS staff, and gained a First Aid at Work Certificate with resuscitation. At school I attended Medlink and Medsim, including trying an appendectomy on a sponge abdomen! I regularly keep in touch with news of the medical world in journals and websites.
Outside my medical interests I live a very active life, and was given many responsibilities at school. I was proud to be made Head Boy at Manor Sports College, where I was privileged to be a member of the governing body of the school. I have also had the opportunity to show my powers of leadership in other ways, including much fund-raising through organised events (this year £800 for a local MS group). I hold a Junior & Community Sports Leadership Award; I lead a regular weekly sports club for physically and mentally impaired children during sixth form, which calls for great patience and awareness of others’ problems.
I have worked as a volunteer at a local hospital for over three years, and most recently helped on the day-case ward. This has given me the chance to meet doctors, and to talk to and observe pre- and post-operative patients. It is a privilege to be part of such a professional team. I also worked during my Christmas vacation at a nursing home as a care assistant, which gave me a taste of the reality of caring for people and revealed to me some of the ethical dilemmas inherent in the work. I have just volunteered to be a Community First Responder working with the Ambulance Service and look forward to working with them in due course.
I believe my colleagues and friends regard me as a sensitive and generous-minded person, whom they feel they can turn to for help, even asking me for medical advice at times. My response is invariably to take two paracetamol or see your doctor! I have a sense of humour, which I believe will be useful in dealing with the intense pressures of my chosen career, but I am also determined and ambitious, keen to work with others in a team, but also equally happy working on my own initiative and ready to bear the consequent responsibilities. The prospect of life-long learning excites me, and I can think of no more rewarding career than that of a doctor. I hope you will consider my application.

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