Law Personal Statement

Law Personal Statement

Studying for a Law LLB has been a long held ambition of mine since witnessing a family member’s experiences as an immigration lawyer, and gaining as much insight into law as possible over the last two years has taken up a large proportion of my free time. Involving myself with my families experiences of law has allowed me to ascertain that pursuing a law degree is well suited to my character and my ambitions of becoming a qualified solicitor; my main aim is to use my education and knowledge to be as beneficial to the community as possible; public service is a huge motivation in seeking further education in law. I particularly anticipate taking modules in Human Rights Law, Law in the Community and European Union Law.

Reading literature on the law world has been very important to my decision of reading law and business at university – information on European Democratic Lawyers has proven useful to my knowledge development, as has following newspapers, specifically business and law sections. During my gap year much time has been taken to keep up with law and business literature and has immensely benefited my studies; my writing style and case study awareness is much greater and for this reason I am glad to have taken a year out. I’ve have also invested effort in improving my computer skills, have taken a course in finance and have been awarded a Silver Food Skills certificate. This time between school and university has allowed me to have perspective on what lies ahead of me, and the importance of a varied yet directional and self- motivated lifestyle.

My language skills are an area of study I constantly seek to improve upon and wish to continue with throughout my university career – currently Punjabi and Arabic are two languages I have gained qualifications in and I would like to further these during my involvement with law and business in order have the ability to work with foreign nationals and immigrants.

I have developed many skills during my work experience that will be hugely beneficial to my study of law and business at university, and I have maintained a steady incorporation of this into my school life that has led to a very diverse skill set.

Working in a Pharmacy was a position of responsibility that demanded high attention to detail when completing paperwork, and constant customer facing required a professional and polite manner at all times. Observing the Pharmacist allowed me to gain valuable insight into his skills and I learnt quickly the intricacies of his position, meaning I realised the usefulness and crucial accuracy of my work there

My position at Primark taught me many relevant skills to my chosen degree courses; taking on roles in customer service and the training of new staff are some of the most valuable experiences I have gained. I undertook these tasks with much enthusiasm and energy and ensured that all jobs were carried out in accordance to company policy. Training new staff developed my leadership and communication skills, and demonstrated my willingness to help others and to work well within a team. Part-time hours at Shell Petroleum Allestree also enabled me to build on my customer service and communication skills with a different type of client and colleague, and this aptitude for adaptation will aid me hugely in my career when facing diverse clientele. In both of these roles at Primark and Shell, I was endowed with responsibility from early on, this being an excellent representative of my trustworthiness and motivation in the work place. I am excited to be posed with the new challenges that university life will offer me, and also the new skills that I will gain throughout my studies.

During my time at school I took on the role of student ambassador and had the responsibility of explaining to parents what our specific awards meant, and how their breakdowns functioned. This strengthened my communication skills and I learnt to analyze information and explain this to parents who had no knowledge of the system. This will be extremely useful in both studying law and when hopefully working eventually as a solicitor – a confident ability to examine information and subsequently translate this to the client is invaluable and will prove important to providing this client with the best service possible.

Building on my pre-existing skills and achieving personal aims is extremely important to me and to my career path. Believing in oneself is a characteristic I am proud to have – self-confidence, stemming from my skills and experiences in work and school is a driver in my pursuit of success. I hope to be able to continue learning and developing my knowledge of law and business and building my skill set upon the foundations I presently have with specific relevance to law and business.

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