Financial Management Personal Statement

Sample Financial Management Personal Statement

From a young age I have been fascinated by numbers as I am very logically minded. Growing up as an international student I loved that the study of maths has no language barrier, uniting people from different cultures.

At school, my favourite area of mathematical study was Pure Maths, in which I scored an A+ in my Advanced Higher. I particularly enjoy solving abstract trigonometric algebra problems. In contrast, my Physics and Statistics Advance Highers had a much more practical application, which also fascinated me. It inspired me to think about the importance of maths to the global economy, so I decided to study AS and A2 Economics this year at a sixth form college. I have found price mechanism, and how prices perform a signalling function to transmit consumer preferences most interesting, and look forward to exploring issues such as this in greater depth at degree level.

I have expanded my knowledge of the role of mathematics in the economy beyond the A-level syllabus by extensive reading of the ‘Financial Times’ and journals such as ‘The Economist’. I have found the recent debate about whether currency interventions will hurt the global economy particularly interesting. I also enjoy reading about the increasing global economic significance of China and India; it will be interesting to observe how these powers develop and interplay with the West over the coming decades.

I have supplemented this academic interest with work experience within the financial sector. I worked as a cashier in Lloyds TSB, which gave me an insight into the functioning of retail banking, and enabled me to develop my customer service skills. I also did an internship at a financial investment company in London, where I learnt the importance of business networking. In the future I hope to be a financial manager in an investment company, and believe the study of maths or finance at degree level will give me the skills I need to succeed.

In my spare time I enjoy sport. I regularly go to the gym, where I also work as a part-time receptionist during the vacations, and represent my school in volleyball, through which I have developed great teamwork skills. My excellent time-management allows me to simultaneously maintain extra-curricular activities and strong academic performance. I am a highly self-motivated and hard-working individual, and would give my full commitment to my degree in order to achieve the top grades.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my application, I look forward to hearing from you.

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