Dentistry Personal Statement

Sample Dentistry Personal Statement

Growing up with my mother’s psoriasis, I was aware from an early age of the unseen difficulties of conditions which can make everyday tasks a challenge. Simple oral health is a key part of life for us all, and I am passionate about upholding this through a career in Dentistry, which provides daily opportunities to invest in others’ wellbeing. My decision to re-apply and take a gap year to train as a dental nurse demonstrates my determination and dedication to achieve my goal: to study and eventually practice as a dentist.

Over the past few years I have gained work experience to gain an understanding of the profession. The multidisciplinary nature of a dental surgery rests upon cooperation and teamwork between dentists, hygienists and therapists. The implications of dentistry as an essential part of everyday life were clear to see; shadowing the hygienist, I saw that prevention is better than cure in oral health. Everyone’s teeth are unique and this requires broad flexible knowledge, from denture fits to root canal treatments. At a dental hospital, I observed the use of anaesthetic and the need for precision during operations, proving that this field can be pressurized and exciting.

My experiences cemented my decision to study dentistry and I have become a trainee dental nurse at my local surgery in order to optimize my gap year. I have gained a broad experience of daily surgery business; covering reception makes me the first point of contact for patients and good communication is essential. The surgery offers opportunities to meet new people daily as well as build a lasting rapport with regulars, and I have become invested in each one’s recovery. Handling appointments and patient records has also made me adapt to new situations quickly. Training as a nurse has been the most fulfilling part of my work thus far; staying one step ahead of the dentist and keeping calm under pressure have honed my organizational skills and I have very much enjoyed learning aspects such as note-taking and clinical procedures. Improving people’s confidence and health is its own unique reward, alongside developing my own practical and communication skills through a constantly changing and hands-on team environment.

I enjoyed studying Sciences at A-Level, and regularly read New Scientist articles on technological advances, such as a gel which is being developed to re-grow teeth. New innovations depend upon academic rigour and a creative approach, both of which I feel I possess. I won a scholarship which enabled me to attend private school, and seized various opportunities to develop my potential. I was elected a Prefect and acted as a role model for younger pupils in order to give back to my school community. A Business & Enterprise team leader role demanded creativity and management skills, which I also utilized on my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh camping expedition. For the past year I have worked regularly at my local mosque, undertaking roles from mentoring younger people to working with the elderly, and overseeing events: the ability to connect with my local community and act in a position of responsibility is something which I value greatly within myself and consider a key asset to my future.

I love playing team sports, which demand personal as well as team excellence. I was elected vice-captain for Blackburn United football team, and regularly play with friends, alongside playing cricket and badminton in local clubs. I also enjoy DIY for the chance to improve my manual dexterity and step outside of my comfort zone.

Dentistry is many things: intricate, creative, dextrous and perfectionist. The long-term learning curve and need for self-improvement goes hand in hand with constant exciting advancements in technology and science. I feel this will be a uniquely stimulating profession to which I would like to give both my long-term commitment and potential to positively impact on others’ lives, and I feel ready for the challenges and rewards ahead.

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