Counselling Masters Personal Statement

Counselling Masters Personal Statement

With a strong educational background and extensive experience in counselling, I believe I am an ideal candidate to embark on a Masters in Counselling, practice route. I am a mature and responsible individual with strong communication skills who has a long standing and successful career in counselling. I wish to develop my understanding and skills in social care and counselling, in order to enhance my existing professional role.

The Counselling Masters will provide the next level of professionalism to enhance my clinical practice. Building on my experience, I can develop my competence to expand methods and problem solving skills of working as a professional counsellor. A counsellor’s role is constantly changing, not only with individual clients on a daily basis, but also with innovative research which help us understand and assist clients on an overall scale. I am keen to share my current knowledge and practice with peers, where we can reflect upon research findings and inform the development of care practice. This course will provide an exciting opportunity to plan and carry out research into chosen areas of counselling, such as therapeutic skills, to develop counselling theory and practice.

With over 20 years experience in adult, elderly and mental health client groups, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and practice of caring for others in a professional capacity. I wish to explore and further my current practices and assumptions, with humanistic psychology and counselling practice. I understand the course will enhance self reflection, awareness and knowledge.

I have gained experience in risk assessments, clinical assessments, devising care plans and reviews. I believe I have developed a strong foundation as a caring and supportive counsellor, who makes a marked difference to people’s lives. I am keen for professional critique and development in my professional approach in practical placements, where my theory, practice and care is challenged and pushed forward, to further assist those in vulnerable situations.

I am an enthusiastic, diligent and motivated individual who strives to achieve success in social care and counselling to each client I am assigned, and on an overall basis. Given that social care and counselling is part of an interconnected network of professional services focused on helping a variety of clients facing distress, trauma and complex situations, complications can arise at any stage of the therapy program. I wish to develop better ways to manage obstacles in counselling and evaluate the effectiveness of these plans.

Effective communication skills are an essential aspect of my role as a counsellor. High empathy, active listening skills and the ability to understand client issues are examples of skills I use to help people to navigate their way through their problems and find personal resolve. I use effective and adaptive communication skills to convey client medical and psychological needs, factual information and future goals to other professional agencies, such as housing, police and home treatment teams.

Working within the social care environment, I have developed and honed ways to care for others. I wish to expand and further my knowledge on the best practice, ethical codes and moral boundaries in counselling. Each client presents a new and complex case, whether it is psychological, developmental or environmental.

Being from a Muslim background and the ability to speak Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, my goal is to provide a multi-cultural supportive service to those who are from Asian cultures and religions, and to those who are unable to communicate their feelings in English. A successful counsellor requires a constant need to learn and develop the self, in order to support and care for others. Counselling Masters will ensure I am well-informed and competent as possible, enabling me to give the best guidance possible to clients facing tough choices and situations.

This example Counselling Masters Personal Statement is here to provide you with inspiration when writing your own statement.



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