People in Business (Developing an Effective Workforce: Recruitment and Selection)
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Developing an Effective Workforce: Recruitment and Selection

Business Studies A Level - Job SearchThese processes take place when a business realises that they have a job vacancy to fill.

First of all, a job description is compiled which outlines the tasks and responsibilities involved in the position. The job specification highlights the physical and mental capabilities required by the applicant in order to fulfil the job description.

The HRM department is responsible for compiling the advertisement and using different forms of media to get it out to the public, including the internet, newspapers, job agencies, job centres, and internal notice boards. The advertisement will specify the business’ name and address, the job title, the job specification, the pay and fringe benefits, and the hours of work involved.

Usually the job is advertised internally as well as externally. By deciding to hire a current employee, less time and money is required.

As people respond to the job advertisement, the HRM department will send out an application form. It’s important that the application form is relevant to the role and that any questions set are legal and inoffensive.

Application forms, cover letters and Curriculum Vitae (CV) are returned to the business to be analysed and sorted. This is known as the short-listing process. The most suitable applicants are the contacted by the HRM department and invited in for an interview.

The interview process is time consuming but important for finding the right individual for the role. A good interviewer will not only be clear about the role and what it entails but also know as much as possible about the interviewees.

The interview itself must be well-structured and uninterrupted. The approach should be friendly and the questions open-ended thereby allowing the applicant the opportunity to talk about their experiences and skills. It’s important that the interviewer listens carefully and takes notes when appropriate.

Once the interviewer has finished their questions the applicant should be allowed to ask any that they might have both about the position and the business. Before the applicant leaves the interviewer should inform them of when they’ll be told of the final decision.

Usually, a number of applicants will be interviewed for a role. This could be in a sequence, so an applicant has one interview after another with different interviewers, or, as is more usual, simultaneous, so with a panel of interviewers. Some businesses’ prefer group interviews in which a number of applicants are interviewed all together as opposed to one at a time. This can be good for jobs that required confident, out-spoken people.

woman filling employment offer documentSometimes the interview is composed of tests, each one of which is complimentary to the interview process. They can be used to measure intelligence, competency or personality traits.

The interviewers then compare notes and pick the best candidate. If the applicant accepts, they’re given a Contract of Employment. This covers all the terms and conditions of the job including the start date, pay working hours, and holiday and pension entitlements.



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