One of the most important purposes that a good personal statement serves, and one that is often overlooked in online advice about how to write personal statements, is in creating a narrative of what you have achieved in the past, where you are now and how your prospective university course will fit into your future plans. This is a writing technique that students are advised by their tutors to use when applying for postgraduate degrees (whether masters of PhD), but universities will be equally impressed to see it in the personal statements of potential undergraduates. A personal statement that does this will show you as a driven individual who is fully aware of how their university education will compliment and shape the direction of their future career. Remember, this does not set your future in stone! It simply shows to the admissions tutor that you have not just chosen this course on a whim, but that you are serious and dedicated to it and that you understand how it will work to your future advantage.

The importance of a good personal statement is derived from the fact that it is ‘personal’. It is the single aspect of the application process not determined by strict academic achievement and commendation, but by individuality and creativity – so with this in mind, experiment with it and enjoy the rare freedom!



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