About Us

Getting-in was set up with one simple goal: making students’ lives easier, and their futures brighter, by providing them with access to all the educational and careers resources they could possibly need in one professionally produced and easy-to-use website. Whether they’re looking for revision materials, tips on exam technique, guidance on applying to university, practical careers tips or deals to help them make the most of their budgets and free time.

All too often revision websites host out-of-date or unreliable, student-produced content; university listings sites contain static, generic information; careers websites don’t offer advice beyond the usual clichs. But above all, other sites don’t seem to realise that for students all these different areas are connected. Students who are currently revising for A Levels are also getting their UCAS applications ready; young people looking into university may also be thinking about whether going directly into the world of work might be a better fit for them; people in work or training are also interested in the possibilities of taking a gap year. Getting-in is quite simply the only site on the Internet that caters for all of these options in one place.

Our team of education professionals have created the site so that it combines high-quality, professionally written advice and information with some really innovative features, all of which helps young people to make informed decisions about their futures.

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